Ora & Singapore Eye Research Institute: Unparalleled preclinical research for early-stage innovators.

When conceptualizing and commencing the development pipeline, the ability to think ahead to future stages in the clinical pipeline is vital to ensuring the right activities are done at the preclinical phase and avoid costly rework that can set back timelines. 

Combined with the Singapore Eye Research Institute’s 30 years of preclinical expertise and world class facilities, our experience and expertise when engaging with early-stage clients can truly allow you to begin your program with the end in mind. 

About Singapore Eye Research Institute

  • More than 240 Staff Members
  • 60 Principal Investigators
  • More than 20 Clinician Scientists
  • 750 Ocular Preclinical Studies in the last 5 years

Renowned for its cutting-edge work in the realms of eye disease and visual science, SERI’s research spans basic, clinical, and translational efforts involving experts in ophthalmology, molecular biology, genetics, bioengineering, AI, epidemiology, and population health. 

SERI has grown from a founding team of five in 1997 to an integrated organization of more than 240 staff, encompassing clinician scientists, scientists, research fellows, PhD students and support staff. This makes SERI one of the largest research institutes in the Asia Pacific region, publishing an impressive array of more than 5000 scientific papers. 

SERI undertakes vision research in collaboration with local clinical ophthalmic centers and biomedical research institutions, as well as major eye centers and research institutes throughout the world. One of the key strengths of SERI is its multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to research that has led to breakthroughs in understanding and treating eye diseases, resulting in innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Robust Animal Models

  • Full range of animal models including Non-human Primate facility for non-GLP pre-clinical research

  • Both experimentally induced and transgenic/gene knock out animal models

Multi-Disciplinary Team

  • Fully trained/skilled in ophthalmic imaging for small & large animals

  • A team of scientists, clinician scientists, clinicians, veterinarians, and technical staff

State of the Art Facility

  • Full ophthalmic imaging set up for small & large animals

  • AAALAC accredited animal facility

  • NACLAR, NC3R Guidelines


  • Full ophthalmic surgical capabilities for both small and large animals

  • Breeding for small and large animals–transgenic mice

Full Surgical and Imaging Capabilities

  • In-vivo Confocal Microscopy System 
  • Femtosecond laser 
  • Technolas Excimer Laser 
  • Focal Domain OCT 
  • SD OCT 
  • IOL Master 
  • Micron IV 
  • UBM 
  • Pneumotonometer 
  • AS OCT 
  • Auto-refractometer 
  • Retinoscope 
  • A Scan 
  • Tonovet 
  • Tonopen 
  • Ocumetrics Fluortron Master 
  • Slit lamp bio-microscopy 
  • Full suite of surgical capabilities for small and large animals 

Full Scope of Ocular Animal Efficacy Models 

Ocular Animal Chart

Beginning with the end in mind

The first steps in any journey are crucial. Ora’s decades of experience in ophthalmic development can ensure that you begin your program with the end in mind. 

Ora’s experts, combined with world class full turnkey preclinical facilities at SERI, can help you de-risk your entire clinical program by considering your regulatory, clinical, and investment strategies when designing your preclinical phase. 

Ora’s Early-Stage Collaborative Approach


From designing your preclinical programming to interpreting data and presenting to regulatory agencies.


Finding the right data points to de-risk your investment strategy.


Liaising with Ora’s Therapeutic Area Experts to enable a seamless transition into the clinic.

Leading the charge for this collaboration is Buffie Kerstetter, Director of Preclinical Partnerships, a tenured preclinical business development advocate for Ora’s valued sponsors in preclinical development. Prior to working at Ora Buffie has spent her entire 30-year career working with animals in research as a certified lab animal technologist and providing oversight of animal programs and staff at several large institutions. 

Buffie Kerstetter

Director, Preclinical Partnerships

Acknowledgement from our sponsors

“We are excited to embark on this pivotal partnership with Ora. This collaboration propels us toward realizing SERI’s vision of becoming an international center of excellence in eye and vision research. Our SERI scientists rank among the top 2% globally in ophthalmology, and our unprecedented impact factor in scientific publications showcase our commitment to advancing eye care. By seamlessly integrating our expertise with Ora’s, we aim to provide unmatched preclinical capabilities, accelerating the development of innovative ophthalmic therapies and reinforcing our position as leaders in translating basic science to clinical applications for sight-threatening disorders.”

jodhi birmehta photo

Professor Jodhbir Mehta, MD,
Executive director of SERI and deputy chief executive officer (Research), SNEC

For over 45+ years, Ora has been on the leading edge of ophthalmic product development.

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