From Bogota to Buenos Aires —
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Explore research opportunities across Central and South America

With increasing interest in clinical research as a care option given limited access to the latest treatments, we are continuing to expand our network in this rapidly developing market. 

Local, country-based CRAs

  • Main point of contact with sites to allow for one contact person for any study queries

  • Sites can communicate in their local language for ease of communication

  • Clinical Operations Lead oversees the CRAs, providing both training and guidance through the entire project

researcher smiling in lab coat

Acknowledgement from our Site Partners

“Having worked with other generic CROs in the past for the last 15 years, our first experience with Ora was a problem solver. Most miscommunication and lack of understanding of the conditions that we have with other CROs, do not happen with ORA, being an Ophthalmology specialized CRO with hands on and direct contact with sites at all times. If I would decide which CRO to work with, my choice would be ORA every time.”

Patricio Schlottmann, MD
OMI, Buenos Aires

For over 45+ years, Ora has been on the leading edge of ophthalmic product development.

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