Dry Eye & Ocular Surface

Decades of experience. Dozens of approvals.

For over four decades, Ora has led the way in advancing ocular surface disease treatments. Our expertise in trial design, endpoint selection, recruitment, and reducing data variability has fueled multiple product approvals and treatments for Dry Eye Disease.

Conjunctivitis Treatment 


George Ousler, Ora’s SVP of Anterior Segment, directs our Dry Eye/Ocular Surface Disease programs, leveraging over 
25 years of experience to drive projects from inception to completion. He is at the forefront of creating clinical models and defining regulatory pathways for Dry Eye treatments. Our Anterior Segment Department boasts over 100 professionals collaborating with partners across the US, Europe, and Asia, including key markets like Japan, China, 
and South Korea.
George is a prolific contributor to Dry Eye research with over 300 publications and holds multiple patents in the field.

george ousler portrait

George Ousler

Senior Vice President, Anterior Segment

Controlled Adverse Environment

The Ora Controlled Adverse Environment (CAE®) minimizes influential factors by standardizing temperature, humidity, airflow, lighting, and visual tasking. By creating a constant and reproducible challenge, CAE® offers industry leading precision with fewer patients, fewer sites, and less time.

The CAE® model excels at:

  • Selecting a uniform group of Dry Eye patients with modifiable conditions.

  • Establishing consistent criteria and precise endpoints for measuring meaningful treatment effects.

The Ora EyeCup™

A mobile clinical research platform, built for study success.

The Ora EyeCup™ is a cutting-edge mobile device and app engineered for the success of clinical studies. It allows patients to collect and submit high-resolution ocular images and time stamped diary data anytime, anywhere, directly to a web platform.

eye cup hero with eye cup phone in a blue circle
person using eye cup

On-the-go, instantaneous data capture, with detailed ocular imaging and symptom logging.

AI-driven image analysis for accurate evaluation of ocular redness, tear film, and corneal health.

cambria scale chart

A time stamped compliance diary to ensure accurate symptom and medication tracking.

Streamlined protocol adherence, significantly speeding up study timelines.

eye looking to the right
overview screen

Easy to use, the Ora EyeCup™ ensures real-time, precise assessment of ocular conditions, whether at home, in a clinic, or during environmental stress tests like the Ora CAE® and Ora BioCube®.


The platform is fully customizable, delivering vital clinical metrics and comprehensive patient feedback.

Acknowledgement from our sponsors

“When we say we have a certain timeline or a certain budget, Ora is flexible and works to stay in it.”

charles bosworth photo

Charles Bosworth,
Chief Medical Officer


For over 45+ years, Ora has been on the leading edge of ophthalmic product development.

When your product shows promise, let's prove it.

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