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Sunya Andrews

Chief People Officer

As Ora’s Chief People Officer, Sunya focuses on the purposeful curation of culture to optimize individual and organizational performance. To achieve this, she utilizes data driven strategies to develop high-impact practices that influence innovative and operationally excellent action. Her novel approach aims to disrupt the old transactional paradigm of Human Resources (HR) and shift to a relational, service-based, paradigm of People Services that invests into people holistically. Sunya leads Ora’s People and Culture team which encompasses People Services (formerly HR), Learning and Development, Coaching, and Future of Work initiatives. She asserts that the Culture Operating System (COS) remains Ora’s greatest strategic asset and must continue to evolve to support people professionally as the organization scales for growth. Informed by her life-long studies, multiple coaching certifications, and a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Sunya strives to understand human behavior, identity, culture, social dynamics, and how all these elements merge to create the perception of oneself. In turn, she has come to understand that the perception of self and the quality of one’s intrapersonal relationship often dictates how they engage in the world. This understanding has shaped her leadership coaching methodology to focus on advancing intrapersonal relationships because they have direct bearing on the quality of interpersonal relationships. She calls our intrapersonal relationship our COS. Sunya has scaled this thought model to the organizational level; the internal COS of an organization often dictates its quality of service, performance, and business outcomes. Prior to Ora, Sunya held positions as Chief Relationship Officer and Head of Coaching Division at Kelleher International. She is also a founder and owner of an executive leadership development company which utilizes her proprietary coaching methodology to advise C-Suite executives, venture capitalists, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs to elevate their holistic performance and expand their influence from the inside out. As a triple certified leadership coach, she approaches her work with a servant leadership mentality to guide others to utilize business as a force for good. She enthusiastically continues her path as a thought leader in mind management, leadership development, and creative disruption in the corporate world.

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