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Debby Brown

Vice President, Monitoring

Debby’s journey began in nursing, where she gained invaluable experience in critical care and emergency medicine before transitioning to the field of clinical research. With a wealth of expertise accumulated over the years, she has held various positions in clinical monitoring and leadership positions in Clinical Operations at ICON, including Vice President of Clinical Operations for Europe and Senior Vice President of Pfizer Strategic Business Unit at ICON. Prior to joining Ora, Debby dedicated eight years to serving as Senior Director of Risk-Based Quality Management at PPD, where she played a crucial role in supporting clinical monitoring and project management teams, ensuring compliance with ICH E6(R2) guidelines and spearheading initiatives for risk mitigation and operational efficiency. In her new capacity at Ora, Debby will provide strategic oversight to the global clinical monitoring business unit, harnessing her wealth of knowledge, expertise, and leadership acumen to optimize Ora’s offerings in this domain. Her commitment to operational excellence will drive the implementation of streamlined processes, leveraging cutting-edge systems, technology, and fostering cross-functional collaboration to propel Ora towards continued success in monitoring practices.

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