The 20th anniversary of a landmark scientific discovery provides an opportunity to look into the future of ocular therapies.
An in-depth look at the two conditions common to many patients: allergic conjunctivitis and dry eye.
Ora will provide clinical development and regulatory consulting services to the collaboration.
Ora’s pre-clinical group is busy developing a number of animal models of ocular disease to use in early stages of the development and candidate drug screening process.
Real-Time Dry Eye and Allergy Assessment
The goal of this study was to assess the effect of a controlled adverse environment (CAE) challenge
A guide to understanding the process known as allergen priming, which plays a key role in allergic conjunctivitis.
Ways to diagnose and categorize the disease, and thoughts on the best way to treat it when it occurs.
Allergic conjunctivitis and dry eye: Co-morbid partners of ocular surface disease
The facts about how vasoconstrictors work and thoughts about mechanisms behind their purported negative side effects.


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