Allergic conjunctivitis is a common and potentially debilitating condition affecting the conjunctiva, eyelids and cornea, and it is often associated with nonocular symptoms and signs of rhinitis or sinusitis.
Phase 3 Allergy Program Establishes Clinical Indication Expansion Strategy of DEXTENZA™
Researchers are exploring disease-modifying treatment options and not just symptomatic relief.
Customer Success Stories: Celebrating Your Big Wins in 2014-2015
Data may influence prescribing habits and formulary availability in future allergy seasons
Learning more about ocular allergy has revealed a host of potential allergic mediators for researchers to attack.
For 20 years, “Therapeutic Topics” has explored ocular disease. Here’s an update on where translational medicine stands today.
A drug-eluting punctum plug, that is being evaluated by Ocular Therapeutix


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