The leading edge of retina drug and device development around the world.

Identify the optimal indication
through our integrated early preclinical stage work
Full clinical study services
through our global network of clinical sites
Broad drug and device experience
and regular interactions with the FDA
Ora works with Regeneron to gain approval for Eylea
Ora identified high-performing retina sites to support its Phase 3 study

Watch Aron Shapiro, Ora Vice President, discuss the future of retinal ophthalmic development, from promising candidate therapies to long-range moonshot prospects.

The Retina department at Ora is known for doing uncommon things well, and common things uncommonly well. We possess a deep expertise in three key areas of retina drug and device development.

Preclinical Retina Models

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Indication Preclinical Model
Wet AMD Laser-induced Choroidal Neovascularization(CNV) (rodent and primate)
Dry AMD Light-induced retinal degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy Streptozotocin-induced rat

Ora’s Retina team has expertise in retina clinical and biological science, regulatory and endpoint strategy, and experience providing comprehensive CRO services for complex retina clinical trials. These capabilities allow us to design clinical programs efficiently and manage aggressively to complete them on-time and on-budget. In addition to its own staff, Ora’s Retina team fully leverages the combined resources and experience of other Ora departments to provide clients with industry-leading support in monitoring, medical writing, preclinical development, CMC/formulation, strategic business planning, and tailored marketing/advertising solutions. Ora’s Retina team has the capabilities to manage and conduct any aspect of a drug development program.

Ora has directly managed six retinal clinical trials, including studies for wet AMD, dry AMD, post-vitrectomy cataract prevention, and numerous internally-funded clinical endpoint development programs. Ora’s Retina Team is uniquely positioned to assist its clients with meeting their product development goals and shepherd promising technologies through the development process. Ora possesses expertise in retina science, regulatory and endpoint strategy, as well as experience running complex retina clinical trials. These capabilities allow us to create the strategies to set-up and aggressively manage clinical programs.