Subject Recruiting

Clients around the world turn to Ora for our systematic approach to ophthalmic subject recruitment, which identifies and schedules qualified subjects quickly.

In-House Subject Database
10,000 Ophthalmic subjects organized by disease state and severity to meet the needs of specific trials and study phases.
Site-Specific Recruitment
Ora’s strategies and tools are customized for each investigative site to quickly identify and recruit the desired subject population.
Investigator Network
Over 100 investigative ophthalmic sites experienced and dedicated to conducting clinical trials within their area of expertise
Accelerated Timelines
Ora’s proven recruitment strategies allow us to meet and exceed the most aggressive study timelines.

One of the most challenging aspects of clinical trials is patient recruitment - finding the appropriate patient population as well as the desired number of subjects for a clinical trial to be meaningful.

Ora’s dedicated team of recruitment specialists has spent years identifying thousands of qualified ophthalmic subjects across a full range of therapeutic areas. Our in-house database is organized by disease state, such as such as allergy, dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and wet and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and severity so we can easily meet the recruitment needs of specific trials and study phases.

In addition to recruiting subjects from our in-house database, Ora recruitment specialists collaborate with our investigative sites to develop site-specific strategies for properly identifying the desired study population from their patient base. Using Ora’s process of block enrollment- scheduling all study subjects before the trial start date, and working with OraNet - our network of established investigator sites experienced in conducting clinical trials within their area of expertise, we are able to meet the most aggressive study timelines.

We are also able to leverage our patient registries to provide our clients with valuable consumer market research information on their existing products, as well as new product concepts.

Patient Database: Categorized by disease state; Custom queried for every protocol
  • Over 20,000 patients in the Ora Dry Eye Database
  • Categorized by severity and disease state – subject population tailored to study protocol
  • Dedicated subject recruitment team for fast screening and enrollment
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