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Double-masked Phase 2 trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of RGN-259 as a treatment of dry eye syndrome
Firms in addition ink manufacturing agreement for one of Aciex's lead prescription candidates.
Ora operates a clinical research facility and a large international investigator network.
In addition to defending the eye from particles and allergens, the blink can help diagnose certain diseases as well.
Everything from environmental and seasonal factors to the placebo effect can confound a study’s results.
Practitioners should educate their patients about the common and uncommon everyday risks of injury to the eye.
How chronic glaucoma treatment can give rise to ocular surface disease, and how you can treat them both.
Business of Retina Clinical Trials for the Retina Specialist
How the eyeblink affects the corneal surface and what factors impact our blink rate.
The ability to obtain reliable results from clinical trials of therapies for ocular allergic disease and dry eye disease is often limited because of inadequate control of variables.